Which players would you buy in a trade?

It seems that every player wants to be part of a new generation of Italian footballers, and one of the most exciting talents in the country is likely to be the young player Ilie Nastase, who is the top rated player in Serie A at the moment.The young player has been named in the first […]

How to Make Your Own Patents

Patents are a great way to prove your creativity.They’re also a great place to make money.Here are eight ways to make your own patent.1.A patent application is an outline of a patent, a blueprint of a product, or a collection of patent applications.A person may use the name of a company or a brand as […]

How the Leather Watch Sucks

New Scientist article New Yorker article New York Magazine article Slate article The Leather Watch: How to Use It (and Not) Source New Yorker title The Leather-Strap Review article New Man’s Guide to Leather Wear Source New York Daily News article The Modernist’s Handbook to Leather (Part One) Source Slate article How to Wear Leather […]

Which pairs are your favorite?

I love earrings, especially my own pair of leather earring bracelets.My favorite pair is my earring, which I bought when I was 16, but I’m always searching for something new to try.I have to admit, I like earrings a lot.I also really like leather earpieces, because they’re very comfortable and the color of the metal […]

This is how to make a leather sofa

You know you want a leather leather sofa, but you don’t know what to buy.That’s where this tutorial comes in.If you have no idea what you’re looking for, here’s a tutorial on how to get started.First, you’ll need some leather.Grab some of these nice little cushions and cut them to the shape you want.(For the […]


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