Which pairs are your favorite?

I love earrings, especially my own pair of leather earring bracelets.My favorite pair is my earring, which I bought when I was 16, but I’m always searching for something new to try.I have to admit, I like earrings a lot.I also really like leather earpieces, because they’re very comfortable and the color of the metal […]

How to find a pair of leather earrings in your wardrobe

Leather earrings are becoming more fashionable, especially for women, and are becoming popular with the public in their native Australia.In the US, leather earring prices are on the rise, with brands like Marc Jacobs and Marc Jacobs Boutique, which makes earrings, selling the most expensive earrings at $300.Leather earring enthusiasts often travel to the United […]

How to Get Rid of Leather Earrings

The leather earrings that are so popular among hipster bloggers are really just cheap plastic earrings, says Michael Stoller, author of the new book The Leather Earring: Why Cheap Leather Earpieces are Bad for Your Health.(The book is also available on Kindle and iBooks.)Stoller says there are two main reasons why you might want to […]

The Best Leather Headphones For Your Earphones

Headphones that are designed for use with a microphone are not limited to simply listening to music.There are a variety of accessories that can be attached to earbuds and attached to your phone to make them more convenient for audio playback.While these accessories may not be required to use your phone with the microphone, they […]


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