How to make your own faux leather shoes

The process is simple: cut a section out of your leather shoe, then use your sewing machine to sew it to the shoe.The result is a shoe that’s more comfortable than a regular pair of shoes.You can find some great examples of faux leather at, or try your hand at making your own at […]

How to turn your own life into a hit comedy

It’s no secret that the internet is rife with fake news.It’s not just fake news about politics and religion, it’s fake news that makes no sense at all.But if you are the type of person who loves to fake news, then you are not alone.There is something truly bizarre about all of this.Fake news isn’t […]

How to get a leather seat fix

We’ve all been there.You’ve bought the most expensive leather seats you can find, and the seat isn’t quite right.You think it looks great, but your seat doesn’t sit as flush against your body as it should.It feels a little too snug, or too wide.Or maybe the seats aren’t so sturdy.Whatever the reason, you can fix […]

How to get a leather tool belt from India

Leather tool belts are an Indian staple and they are still one of the most sought after items in the world.Leather tool belt is made of leather that is used for belts and other functional items and they can be very expensive, especially when you are looking for something in the top 10 most sought-after […]

Trump calls out Schumer over ‘fake news’

President Donald Trump on Wednesday called out Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for misleading the public over the weekend about the health care bill.Trump tweeted on Sunday that the president wanted “real facts” on the health bill.The tweet comes amid growing concerns that Trump’s administration is withholding key information […]


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