New research reveals the ancient human ancestor of horses, says study

A team of researchers has unearthed the first fossil evidence of the ancient ancestor of horse that would be capable of galloping around the plains.

A team of scientists has unearthed a fossil evidence for the ancient horse that was capable of running on the plains, but how they found it remains a mystery.

The team of archaeologists and paleontologists led by Prof. Peter Hinton from the University of Cambridge unearthed a horse skeleton from a cave in the Dorset Highlands.

“The fossil horse skeleton was found in the early 19th century and was found lying face down,” said Prof. Hinton.

Its neck was almost completely preserved and there was a small patch of tissue left over from when it was still a horse.

This was the earliest known fossil horse, but there were no known horses until the 20th century.

Prof. Henson said that the new find was significant because it represented the earliest evidence of horse running.

It was about 5 feet (1.7 metres) long and weighed about 5 to 6 pounds (2 to 3 kilograms).

“It’s not the largest of horses we’ve found, but it’s quite a long one,” said the professor.

Researchers discovered the skeleton after digging a tunnel in a quarry in Dorset.

During their excavation, they found the horse’s neck, which is more than 100 years old, and other skeletal remains, including a large shoulder blade.

These were later sent to a laboratory for study.

One of the scientists was unable to identify the exact skeleton because it had been so badly damaged.

But they discovered that the neck was fully preserved, with the muscle attached to the bone and not the muscle.

They then found a second skull in the same quarry.

Their conclusion was that the skull had been fractured in a way that was very similar to the original skull.

Scientists now hope to reconstruct the anatomy of the skull and find out more about the horse that had been found.

For now, they can only speculate about what the horse was doing, but this could help explain the development of a new species of horse.


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