How to Make the Most of the Lighter in a Laptop

In the past, laptops have typically used the laptop’s processor to drive a lot of the computing power, and the laptop usually didn’t have any dedicated graphics card.

That’s changed, though, thanks to the emergence of AMD’s Vega graphics chips.

“It’s become a pretty significant area of focus for graphics, so we have a really good chance of making some really compelling gaming laptops, but it’s not really the laptop itself that’s changing,” said Michael Ritchie, AMD’s vice president of product strategy.

“The gaming laptop is still the focus of our efforts.

The graphics are still the core of it.”

AMD’s Polaris 10 GPU delivers the same performance but can be used in multiple devices and configurations, with the goal of delivering a “gaming” experience with the lowest power consumption.

The company has already introduced a gaming laptop, the Radeon RX 470, which can run up to 10 games at the same time.

AMD has also introduced a series of laptops that can be upgraded to include AMD’s new Polaris 10 CPUs, which are expected to deliver more performance than the existing Polaris chips.

AMD Radeon RX 570 GPU AMD has had its GPU roadmap for the past several years, but Ritchie said AMD has focused its attention on gaming laptops this year.

“We’ve got a lot more focus on the gaming laptop market,” he said.

“A lot of this stuff is coming from the Polaris 10 GPUs.”

“We have a lot on our plate this year,” he continued.

“There’s going to be a lot that we’re focused on.”

The new Polaris GPUs are the culmination of the company’s efforts to get a new gaming laptop into the market.

The Polaris 10 graphics chips offer up to 2.2 teraflops of performance, with 10 billion transistors on a single chip.

The new graphics chips are also designed to be more energy efficient.

This means that while they use less power to produce a given performance level, they also use less energy to deliver that performance level.

“You can actually use a Vega GPU in a gaming notebook,” Ritchie explained.

“This is not a gaming system.

It’s a gaming machine.”

“You use a graphics card for the compute power,” he added.

“When you use a Radeon GPU in the graphics processor, it’s using less power.”

“So you can go up to two or three times the GPU performance in gaming,” Ritchi said.

AMD’s next generation graphics chips, the Vega 10 and Vega 11, will be introduced later this year, and then the company plans to start shipping the Vega 16 GPU, which will feature a performance increase of up to 12 times.

“With Vega, we have really made our graphics architecture really well suited to gaming,” he noted.

The Vega graphics cards are also the first chips to be integrated into a gaming rig, allowing gamers to experience higher frame rates, even when playing games at low settings.

“They can have higher resolutions, they can have better textures, and they can even have a higher frame rate when you have high quality textures,” Ritteri said of the new GPUs.

“That’s pretty cool.”

AMD will also be introducing a new graphics card called Vega 10, which is aimed at gamers looking to upgrade from an existing gaming laptop.

It is a 12-core design with up to 6 terafls of compute power, according to AMD.

The next generation Vega GPUs will offer more than 30 percent more performance.

AMD Vega GPUs are expected for release later this month.

“One of the reasons that we wanted to bring our GPU roadmap to gamers early was to really show the new architecture is ready to play in the gaming world,” Ritcheri said, adding that he expects gamers to want to upgrade to a new laptop in the next year.

The AMD Vega 10 GPUs will be available to consumers in late 2017.


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