‘A very dark, very powerful image’: A dark, powerful image of a man with a knife and a sword in this ’90s cartoon

Posted September 06, 2019 07:04:58It’s a dark and powerful image that has been floating around on social media since the 1990s, but now a cartoon about the infamous cartoon character Krazy Kat from the 1980s has captured the imagination of people across the world.

“It’s like the dark, dark secret that no one wants to talk about, because there’s something so powerful about it,” one viewer wrote on the social media website Facebook.

A man dressed in a dark, menacing outfit holding a knife appears in the 1990’s cartoon, “The Krazy Kicks,” by cartoonist Joe Schmoeders, as he stands at the edge of a pond in the episode.

“This is a very dark and very powerful picture of a dark-skinned man in a mask with a long knife and sword,” artist Joe Schloeders said.

“I just love it,” another viewer wrote.

“I love it, I love it!” another said.

“He has a knife,” one added.

“The story is not just the story, the whole thing is just this story, you can’t tell a story without violence,” artist Peter Zappone said.

He has made two more KrazyKat-inspired cartoons in the series, “Krazy Kat: The Knife and the Knife”, which premiered in 2009, and “Kicking It With Krazy,” a sequel in 2013.

“These cartoons are really about the way we look at people, we look for any sign of difference,” artist Mark Dickson said.



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