Trump calls out Schumer over ‘fake news’

President Donald Trump on Wednesday called out Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for misleading the public over the weekend about the health care bill.

Trump tweeted on Sunday that the president wanted “real facts” on the health bill.

The tweet comes amid growing concerns that Trump’s administration is withholding key information about the bill, including the amount of money it will cost, how it will affect insurance coverage and whether it will provide any subsidies.

The president also cited the White House’s “Fake News Media” account and House Democrats for trying to “manufacture” information about his health care legislation.

“Fake news media is trying to sell the Democrats ObamaCare as a massive Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

I want real facts on the issue,” Trump tweeted.

“We need real facts about the massive Tax Cut & Jobs Act that will save American families from massive Tax increases, Tax breaks & giveaways for the rich.”

A White House official said the administration was working with congressional staff to get the information to the public.

But Trump’s tweet comes just days after Schumer and Pelosi both called for a full House vote on the legislation, which they described as a “historic, sweeping, historic tax cut” that would allow millions of Americans to save more money on their health care costs.

Schumer called the bill a “big, sweeping reform bill that will create millions of jobs.”

Pelosi said the bill would help people “who are struggling to make ends meet, who can’t afford insurance premiums, and who have fallen off the Medicaid rolls.”

“It will make life easier for people who are struggling with health insurance,” Pelosi said.

“It’s also good for businesses who have been struggling to survive in this economic environment.”


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