The first thing you should do to get rid of your grubby old sofa

If you’ve been living in an office with an old sofa, you’ll probably be a little disappointed when you first notice it.

However, a new study by scientists at the University of Sydney has found that the smell of old clothes can actually be a good thing.

The research, published in the Journal of Environmental Quality, shows that when the smell is unpleasant, it can actually help people to feel better.

The scientists analysed the odour of clothes and found that they can actually improve mood and help people deal with their mood swings.

The researchers also found that it was the odours that were most effective in helping people feel better, not the smell.

For some, the smell can actually make them feel happier.

This may be because the smell actually helps them feel like they’re doing something positive, such as helping others or doing something that they enjoy doing, Professor Robert Bragg of the School of Psychology at the Australian National University said.

The smell of a sofa can also be a great way to help others deal with anxiety.

Professor Bragg said that when people are stressed, they may find it difficult to control their emotions.

For instance, they might feel guilty about not spending more, but it’s usually a result of their own feelings.

This can be because they are feeling anxious or feel trapped in their own head.

“We need to have the right balance between the two, and it’s really important to try to smell when you’re doing a task,” he said.

Professor Paul Jolliffe from the School, said that if you have a grubby sofa, it’s not the end of the world.

“If you smell a sofa, if it smells good, that’s good, because it’s going to help you,” he told The Huffington Post Australia.

“But if you smell bad, that doesn’t mean it’s bad, because you can still be a bit of a grump.”

He said that the researchers found that smelling a sofa in the morning or even at night was the most effective way to get the smell out of the room.

The study was carried out with students from the Department of Psychology, which is part of the Australian Psychological Society.

The students used an array of smells and a computerized odour generator to determine which odours helped them feel better and which ones did not.

The results showed that odours could actually improve people’s mood.

Professor Jollifee said that people who had good smell were also better at regulating their emotions, which might explain why they tend to have more positive moods.


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