How to get your favorite stinky cactus cactus away from your dog

Posted by ABC News on Sunday, March 20, 2018 12:05:24I’m not kidding.

I am sure you can imagine the amount of frustration and embarrassment I felt when I saw that a dog was scouring my backyard for stinky things, even after I told him it was not a good idea.

I was very lucky, because my dog is not only incredibly smart, but also extremely loving and protective of his home.

He is not a bad dog, but he can also get on his high horse and try to eat anything that he thinks might be in my house, or any other place I might have put a treat, toy or toy for him.

He was looking for my stash of cactus stinky treats, even though I had a few treats in the house.

When he finally came across something he had no idea was cactus, he was pretty excited.

He was looking at my stash, which included three different varieties of cacti, two kinds of cilantro, a variety of chili peppers and a variety and a number of other things that I have put out to the public.

I went ahead and told him I would like to see it all.

I asked him what it was, and he said it was some sort of stinky treat.

I looked over at him and said, ‘What is that?’ and he looked at me and said it looked like a green cactus.

I was like, ‘I thought it was a cactus?’

I didn’t think he could read my mind.

But he did.

He went through the treats and picked out one he thought looked like an animal and picked it up.

He took it home and then when he got home, he put it in the dishwasher and washed it.

I’m sure he was not very good at washing dishes.

Then I went back to the counter and started washing dishes again.

I couldn’t believe what he did with that cactus!

The next day, I told my husband, and I told everybody I knew.

The next morning, my husband told everyone I knew, and then the next day I told everyone.

We went back and forth with people saying, ‘It looks like cactus.’

And I kept saying, I can’t believe it.

That’s when I got the idea.

My husband told me, ‘He’s going to need some more cactus,’ and I was all like, what is this?

He said, he needs to see my stash.

We have three different kinds of plants that we have in our house.

And I was thinking, ‘Oh, he’ll be able to tell what I’ve put out there, like the cactus or whatever.’

So I told them.

And I started seeing more cactuses in the dumpster and my husband came and took a look at it.

And then he said, yeah, that’s right, it’s a cactus, and we started to look for more of it.

So I was very happy to see that my stash was not in the trash or anywhere that he could see it.

But I did find some other things in there.

I think the first thing he picked up was some really old plastic cups, and that was kind of weird.

I’ve seen that plastic cups in other places, and they are all really nice and soft.

And they were covered in green leaves and I saw those green leaves on them.

I also saw the leaves of some plants and there were some cactias on the leaves.

So that’s what I thought was really strange.

But when he saw that I had some cactus leaves in the cup, he went right over to it and said ‘You know, you should try this one.

That will do nicely.’

I looked at the cup and I said ‘That’s not going to do.’

He was like ‘No, no, it will do fine.’

So we got to the point where we were just trying to find more things.

He got one more cup, and it was just a different kind of cedar that he picked out, and his eyes lit up.

I said, OK, that was very sweet, I thought he’d be able really tell if I had the right kind of stuff.

So I said to him, ‘You should have picked up a cedar.’

He said ‘Yeah, well, that should do fine,’ and he picked it out.

So he’s like, OK.

We picked up some more.

I thought to myself, OK well, he can tell if it’s cactus when I see it, so that means it’s ok.

So when I went to the dump, I just had to see if I could get the green cactios out.

I’m sure you could imagine how frustrating it was for him when he was told it wasn’t cactus and he could not open it, and the only thing I could do was to give him some more treats.

So we kept trying, and eventually


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